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Provide Repair & Remediations Solutions
While Maximizing Performance & Profitability

Piping and pipeline repair, remediation and corrosion control solutions for emergencies, planned turnarounds
and rehabilitation or new project installations

Products By Application

Our STOP IT® line of pipe repair products provides superior leak sealing capabilities for the most common pipe leak problems.

When mechanical systems shut down, so does the production. Our systems repair and reinforce mechanical systems, structures, and piping.

Regardless of weather conditions, pipe orientation, or local geometries, our wear resistant products have superior resistance to environmental degradation.

Our repair systems work on chemical, steam, process and water lines – underwater and in chemical and military facilities. Works for hydrocarbons, mineral oil, lubricants, and more.

Our riser reinforcement and protection products will re-strengthen the corroded pipe and protect from future corrosion. Our products do not crack, are easy to install with no tools.

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